Ephinsteph (stephrox225) wrote,

cinderella is on tv.......................................... i love cinderella

I picked out my classes today for next year. I had to go to this Fast track program thing. All of the people in my group were really annoying and I pretty much hated them all. My group leader's name was Lupe (loop-a), I think that's so pretty.

This week is cool because its all chopped up for me, tomorrow is a half day! Oh dear God I get to sleep before work! Today when I got home from Eastern, I could hardly keep my eyes open so I just went straight to bed and woke up at like 9, Ryan and Chris confused the Heck outta me!

I got my senior pictures back, I seriously hate them all. One is ok, but my mom and dad got pictures in other ones and I look so SICK. I want to rip them in half. PUKE.

I work tomorrow, I'm excited to, but sad I cant go with Jesse and the Hawaii 5-O out to eat for Jesses birthday. :( I'm so sorry.

Anyway, I'm going through an "lj isn't fun" phase. bye.
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